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What We Do

Marshall Trans Inc is a family-owned company based in Burr Ridge, Illinois. We are running a business that is determined to help Owner Operators & Company Drivers find success! 
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Refrigerated Trucking Delivery

You want your perishable items, frozen foods, and produce transported in state-of-the-art refrigerated equipment by professional, experienced drivers. 

Marshall Trans provides highly reliable in-transit delivery performance, superior customer service, and on-time pickups to ensure your refrigerated products are delivered with the same care you took to produce them. The top three benefits of refrigerated trucking include:


Arriving with a truckload of spoiled, thawed, or melted goods can result in lost opportunities, wasted costs, and nuisance for the supplier. Marshall Trans Inc is a provider that can guarantee a safe arrival of your products and save you money and time.

Dry van shipping

Dry van shipping is one of the most preferred and trusted freight transportation methods available. It’s remained a popular means of transportation due to the high availability and numerous benefits of having an enclosed trailer throughout the process. 

Here’s a look at some of the advantages and challenges of dry van shipping:


Safe & Timely Delivery

As a Marshall Trans customer, you can expect and get:

Amazing Working Conditions

Looking for Job Opportunity?

We are a growing company and are always looking for the best talent. We know how to have fun, but we’re also a team of hard-working, high performers. Finally, we love people that take charge and make an impact for our business. Do that and you’ll be rewarded!